Saying “Goodbye” to Paper: All About Online Enrollment Through FormFire

FormFire is an online medical insurance enrollment, quoting, and underwriting tool used to simplify the paper-bound world of group health insurance. Employers, and their employees, create profiles documenting their individual medical history and group information, and this data can then be shared with multiple insurance carriers. Because FormFire collects employer and employee information electronically, it means less paperwork and more accurate data transferred to the carriers.

FormFire walks the customer through a series of medical questions that can be used by several carriers, making the quoting process more concise. The process is also helpful for future renewals, enrollment, and maintenance of the groups because the information stays in the system year to year, only needing to be updated and not reentered. This third party, electronic process enables employers to spend less time managing their group’s benefits and more time focusing on the core of their businesses.

As an industry, it helps us say “goodbye to paper!”

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