Take Care of Your Ticker: February is American Heart Month!

According to Healthline, “heart disease is responsible for the most deaths worldwide for both men and women of all races,” and the American Heart Association (AHA) approximates that every 40 seconds an American will have a heart attack. But heart disease can be prevented with small lifestyle shifts.

How to Keep Your Benefits Documents Organized in 2020

A good, well-rounded benefits package is one of your strongest assets for employee retention and recruitment. But it also means there is some upkeep and organization requirements at the start of the year.

Saying “Goodbye” to Paper: All About Online Enrollment Through FormFire

FormFire is an online medical insurance enrollment, quoting, and underwriting tool used to simplify the paper-bound world of group health insurance.

Don’t Be a Grinch: Here’s How You Can Relieve Holiday Stress

Between the crowded shopping centers and the parties and the seasonal blues, it’s easy to fall into bad habits as a way to cope with the stress of the holiday season. Here are our best stress-busting tips for the season…

Health Insurance Terms That are Good to Know

Health insurance can be confusing and it may seem difficult to sort through the complicated terminology to really understand how you’re benefiting from your health insurance plan.

3 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving

Turkey day is upon us and we all know how easy it is to overindulge in sweets and larger-than-life portions of stuffing and sweet potato casserole. Here are three tips to help you nourish your body this Thanksgiving holiday.

Embedded Versus Aggregate Deductibles: What You Need to Know and How You Can Save Money

For family health insurance coverage, understanding the differences between embedded and aggregate deductibles will help you plan for out-of-pocket health care expenses.

Employers with Employees Approaching Age 65/65+

If you have an employee who is currently enrolled under your group medical plan and will be turning 65 soon and is starting to look at options for Medicare coverage, there may be special considerations to examine as an employer.

Flu Season Is Coming! Prepare Yourself With These Four Tips

Protect yourself and those around you from the seasonal flu with these four tips.